Transport of dangerous goods

Our team is specialized in the transport of this most special merchandise, complying with all the existing requirements and backed by a team of qualified professionals to ensure safety and compliance with all current regulations.

Transportation agency

Own transportation fleet

NIMA Certifications

Food certificate for transport

Transportation agency

NIMA Certifications

Own transportation fleet

Food certificate for transport

Dangerous goods transport service by road

We provide an integral service for the transportation of dangerous goods by road, ensuring that your products arrive at their destination safely and on time. Our fleet of trucks is equipped with the necessary technology for the safe handling of this type of cargo, thus guaranteeing the integrity of your goods at all times.

Our fleet makes daily trips throughout Europe. The main routes we cover are:



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Personal advice

At TigerTruck, we offer personal advice for planning and executing the transport of dangerous goods. Our team of experts works hand in hand with you to develop logistics solutions that adapt to the specific characteristics of your products, ensuring compliance with all regulations and safety standards.

ADR transport experts

We are ADR transport experts, which means that we are certified and equipped to handle and transport dangerous goods in accordance with the European Agreement concerning the International Carriage of Dangerous Goods by Road (ADR). Our experience and dedication allow us to offer a safe and efficient service.

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What our customers say

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Victor Mascan
Victor Mascan
Muy buena gente y muy serios en el trabajo Así da gusto trabajar
Un placer realizar portes con ellos en todo momento super atentos y si te tienen que solucionar algún imprevisto lo resuelven con rapidez 🚛🌪️
Lidia Fenech
Lidia Fenech
Hemos trabajado con ellos muchas veces y el servicio ha sido muy bueno, estamos muy contentos. Un saludo a Ana Belén, una gestora de tráfico estupenda :)
samuel morell
samuel morell
Un servicio perfecto, atención de persona a persona, puntuales, y un precio inmejorable, se puede pedir más...? Muchas gracias, Ana PD. y gracias de nuevo por tu obsequio


Calle Marie Curie, nº 9, Esc: 4, Planta 0, Pta 4B Malaga

What kind of dangerous goods does Tigertruck transport?


Substances or mixtures that can explode by themselves or by the effect of an external source.


Substances that at normal pressure and at room temperature are totally or partially in a gaseous state.

Flammable liquids

Liquid substances or mixtures of liquids that can easily ignite and burn.

Flammable solids

Solid substances that can easily ignite or that can cause or spread a fire.

Oxidizing substances

Substances which, in contact with other substances, considerably increase the risk of fire or explosion.

Toxic substances

Substances that can cause serious harm to human health or the environment.

Corrosive substances

Substances that can attack living tissue and other materials.

Environmentally hazardous substances

Substances that may present a risk to the aquatic or terrestrial environment.

Commitment and trust

Professionalism and clarity

Personal advice

Our fleet

Among our vehicles we have Volvo FH500, FH480, FH460 and others.

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